How to Cultivate Intimacy, Passion, and Commitment With the One You Love

 I left for fall term thinking my parents were getting a divorce. . . .When I returned
Christmas break I found them so much in love it made me sick!
                                                                                                          –College Freshman

Are you single or divorced—dating or engaged—in a committed relationship or married?
  Are you fascinated, frustrated, favorable, or “fried” in attempts to relate to the opposite sex?

Have you lost the infatuation, and now wonder if the passion must likewise fade? Do you
   find yourself asking the question, “What will it take to develop real intimacy between my
   partner and I? How can we find ways to meet each other’s very different needs and desires?”

Are you relationally stuck? Do you want to know what it will take to turn an ordinary rela-
   tionship into a passionate lifelong love affair? Or, are you feeling good about where things
   are now, and just looking for a greater depth of JOY, ROMANCE, and INTIMACY?

Whatever the questions challenging us, 
  is the answer because . . .  
LOVE recovers
respect and appreciation for each other.
LOVE reclaims awareness of one another’s perspective.
LOVE restores strength to pursue each other’s desires. 
LOVE renews our promises and commitments together.
To encourage each other in such LOVE we will:

Gather a group of motivated people together for a

Afterward we’re offering an optional eight-week
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 LOCATION: 2nd Fl. Lounge, Gerlinger Hall–U of O.

Gerlinger is north of Mac Court and across the street
on a circle drive. Parking is on University St. or 15th.
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COST: $29 (student/retired) $39 per person if registered by April 25.
After that add $10. Pay when you arrive.

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